In Sicily, high quality olive oil is present in almost every dish. But if we had to choose only one – the one and only – it has to be salmoriglio sauce.

It goes best with fish, in Sicily often with swordfish, but with a small alteration will serve for meat as well.

It is fast and easy. So easy, so fast and so delicious that it is simply genius! Try it, and share the result with us!

You need:

100 g of extra virgin olive oil

1 lemon

50 ml (or less) of warm water

10 g of parsley




1 clove of garlic, if you like it


  • Chop the garlic, add it into the oil.
  • Mix the oil with garlic and water, and squeeze the lemon inside.
  • Chop a bit of parsley and add it to this mix.
  • Add just a bit of oregano, salt and pepper according to your taste.
  • Done!